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Ever since industrial development has been universally accepted as the backbone of prosperity of a country, the most persistent and baffling question is about the absolute surfacing of industrial safety. As safety is a metter of habit and
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To make a continuous and significant contribution towards building and strengthening our nation by producing technically sound and skilled manpower in the area of various sectors involving special safety trainings in Industrial Safety, Safety Management and control procedures etc. Safety is an awareness involving integration of thought, action and behavior. Training is meant to tune an individual through constant conditioning. Property trained individual keeps the machine and co-worker safe, keeps the roads and co-passengers safe in his journey to and fro to the plant and keeps his home and family safe in his private life.

To be a world class center of excellence; producing skilled man power, equipped with essential values Needed to provide integration of Technical Skill, Humanitarian Vision, Leadership Qualities and Creative Imagination to meet the global needs. Investigation, reporting, analysis and researches undertaken after disasters owing to human factors, function of situation, and perception and acceptance of risk factors are the key features we assure to inculcate in the trainee head, heart and hands.
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