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Ever since industrial development has been universally accepted as the backbone of prosperity of a country, the most persistent and baffling question is about the absolute surfacing of industrial safety. As safety is a metter of habit and
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a) A recognized degree in any branch of Engineering or technology and relevant practical      experience in supervisory capacity for a period of not less than 2 years.
b) A recognized diploma in any branch of engineering Technology and relevant experience in a      supervisory capacity for a period of not less then 3 years.
c) A recognized degree in science with Physics or Chemistry and relevant practical experience in     supervisory capacity for a period of not less than 3 years.

The relevant experience should be I any one of the following:

i) Experience in manufacturing, quality assurance, maintenance or safety department in any    industry
II) Experience in building or other construction, work or department of a port or a dock
iii) Experience in research, training or education in the field of safety or environment.
iv) Experience in a Government Department in administration of any safety legislation
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